A better night’s sleep is possible.

RestEd is an online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program for those struggling with insomnia or symptoms of poor sleep.

Clinically Proven

4 out of 5 people using RestEd reported improved sleep.

Psychologist Directed

RestEd is directed by a registered psychologist & is cognitive behavioural therapy.

Backed by Evidence

2 randomized clinical trials, and over 10 scientific publications backing its results.

Drug Free

Learn how to sleep naturally without being dependent on medication.

100% Online

24/7 access from any device connected to the internet.

At Your Own Pace.

Work through RestEd on your schedule and at your own pace.

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This program may be covered under your private insurance.

Improve your Sleep

In clinical trials, RestEd users saw:1

35% reduced time to fall asleep.

80% of users had improved sleep.

40% reduction in time awake.

Critically Acclaimed Results

RestEd clinical trial results have been featured in the following major publications.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Time Magazine

The New York Times

U.S News

Meet the Creator

Dr. Norah Vincent

RestEd was created by Dr. Norah Vincent, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating sleep difficulties including insomnia and has been performing research in the sleep treatment field for many years.

Her RestEd program is one of the most recognized and proven online programs for insomnia, making treatment easily available to those struggling with poor sleep.

The effectiveness of RestEd has been clinically-validated in 2 randomized clinical trials, and has over 10 scientific publications backing its results.

Is RestEd right for me?

To help determine if the RestEd program would be right for you, please answer the following screener quiz. RestEd is for individuals with problems falling or staying asleep.

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