How RestEd Works

RestEd uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help improve your sleep.

Recommended as first line treatment

CBT has been tested extensively over the past 20 years as an effective treatment for chronic insomnia. This is why the Canadian Sleep Society and American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommend it as first-line treatment.

Clinically proven CBT techniques

RestEd is designed using the latest techniques in CBT to break the vicious cycle of poor sleep. This program takes an evidence-based approach to address the negative thoughts and behaviours associated with poor sleep and replacing them with habits that promote sound sleep.

The Structure of RestEd

RestEd is a 6 week program with a series of modules, videos, written content and exercises. Most individuals experience an improvement in their sleep after just a few weeks!

Week 1

Getting Started:

Learn about psychological causes of sleep disorders and insomnia and the consequences of insomnia. Identify any bad habits, and set personal sleep expectations to continue working with for the remainder of the program. You will be given access to your personal Sleep Diary and learn how this can help you have a better night’s sleep.

Week 2


In this session, you will learn four exercises to help you fall asleep and remain asleep. You will be asked to practice these as often as you like, but the more you practice, the better rest you may receive.

Week 3

Stimulus Control:

Session 3 dives into how to control night-time stimuli to set yourself up for the best night sleep possible. It also covers drugs that could be hindering your sleep patterns.

Week 4

Patterns of Thinking:

You will learn how to recognize and address negative automatic thoughts. You will be introduced to the ideas of “so what if” and “worry time” and how these can help you have a better night’s sleep.

Week 5


In Session 5, you will learn about Sleep Hygiene and some of its affecting factors including: smoking, caffeine, sleeping with noisy bed partners or pets, exercise, and more. With each factor, you will learn strategies to improve your sleep cycle.

Week 6

Mindful Meditation:

Mindfulness can be described as being in the “here and now”. In this session, you will explore how mindfulness can help you experience the day in a different way and result in having a more restful sleep in the process.

RestEd includes access to:

Sleep Diary

Track your progress.

Sleep Statistics

Graph your change in sleep quality and efficiency.

Sleep Calculator

Determine your optimal bedtime.

Benefits of RestEd

Fall asleep faster & easier

Stay asleep longer

Get a more refreshing sleep

Improve energy levels

Increase productivity

No more sleeping pills

Get started today!